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General Questions

  1. Select your desired LAKS Wearable
  2. Then place this in your personal shopping cart and complete the payment process
  3. Upon receipt activate the wearable in the iCard App

Can I use a LAKS Wearable?

You need to have an account with iCard. Read more on

You can use the wearable for contactless payment until 2030. Please note once you delete the wearable from your iCard Wallet you cannot re-activate it anymore.

Register iCard Digital Wallet and connect to LAKS Wearable

You activate your LAKS Wearable with the included activation code in your iCard App, only then you can start paying.

You can use the wearable with iCard until 2030.

Contactless payments are based on a signal generated by the payment terminal. This is possible through Near Field Communication (NFC). This is a radio technology with a relatively short range. The wearable and the payment terminal should therefore be as close as possible to each other during the payment process.

LAKS has taken advantage of the passive mode of NFC technology, so the LAKS wearables themselves do not generate a return signal. This is because active NFC readers (payment terminals) are used to read passive transponders (LAKS Wearable card).

Payment process

Please check where the payment chip in your wearable is located and hold this part of the wearable to the payment terminal.

Similar to the process of contactless payment with your debit or credit card, you must hold your LAKS Wearable to the contact point of the payment terminal – look for the contactless sign on the terminal. Only then the signal can be recognised. A detailed description of this procedure is enclosed with your order. With less sensitive payment terminals this may take a few moments.

If the payment process is successful, you will be notified – depending on the terminal – by a tone or a green light.

The LAKS rings (Ring2Pay) are waterproof and some bracelets can also be used for swimming.

The rest of LAKS products should be taken off when swimming, showering or bathing.

FAQ on security and privacy

Your (data) security is our greatest concern. LAKS does not store any data about your bank details or payment transactions. Your data is protected by the highest security standards of Mastercard®.

LAKS only uses your name, phone number and delivery address to guarantee a safe and successful delivery.

Account information

LAKS has no insight into all activities of your LAKS Wearables or your account information. The payment processes are carried out exclusively by your bank.

The LAKS technology enables contactless payment via NFC. NFC is also used with common debit or credit cards and therefore does not represent a security risk.

Wearing the chip generates neither radiation nor vibrations that can affect your body. This is because LAKS wearables use the passive mode of NFC technology.

Active NFC readers (payment terminals) read the passive transponders (LAKS Wearable card). LAKS Wearables do not generate a return signal themselves and therefore do not pose a risk to your health.

FAQ on returns

If you need a different size you just need to send it back to us. You will get a voucher for a new order.

If you receive your LAKS Wearable and the design you want does not match your idea then the LAKS Wearable can be returned within 14 days.

Please note that wearables which have been activated cannot be returned.

In such a case please open a support ticket.

LAKS grants a right of return within 14 days from the date of purchase. 

Please note that activated wearables cannot be returned.

Before you return a product to LAKS, please follow the instructions here

LAKS offers a 12 month guarantee from the date of purchase. If the purchased goods are defective, LAKS undertakes to comply with all applicable guarantee regulations. If you have a complaint regarding obvious material or manufacturing defects of the goods provided, including damage caused during transport, please return the goods immediately to LAKS.

In this case LAKS will send you a code with which you can repeat the ordering process free of charge. You will then have to reconnect the LAKS Wearable to your debit card.

Please open a support ticket.

Delivery FAQs

LAKS Wearables are ready for shipment within 1-3 days. A product is ready for dispatch when it can be handed over to the delivery service – and from this point on it does not take long until your order actually arrives at your door.

Your order will be delivered within 2-7 days (due to the currently increased delivery volume within 5-7 working days) after dispatch to your door by the Austrian Post AG.


Register iCard Digital Wallet and connect to LAKS Wearable

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