Chily – for iCard

For iCard Digital Wallet (valid until 01/2030) – CANNOT be used with the LAKS Pay app or other banks


Contactless payment ring – Exclusively in conjunction with iCard –

With our innovative contactless payment ring, we offer a convenient and modern way to carry out transactions. This ring can only be used in conjunction with iCard –

Scratch-resistant and waterproof. No charging and no connection to the smartphone required.

What is my ring size? Click here to find out

How to Pay with Ring
  1. Close your hand into a fist
  2. Place your fist against the active part of the terminal which is usually indicated by the contactless acceptance mark as shown on the picture.
  3. Don’t move your hand away from the terminal until you see the green light or hear the beep to noting a successful transaction.

Please note:

Some terminals are less sensitive than others, so you may have to move your hand around until you find the most receptive point on its surface.

If a terminal has a particularily low sensitivity and does not detect your Ring2Pay easily, simply remove it and hold it flat against the surface.

Please download and print out our “What is your ring size?” for more information about determining your ring size.

Download PDF-Manual

  • The inner part of the ring is made of zirconia ceramic (ZrO2), a scratch-resistant technical ceramic.
  • The colored outer band is made of hypoallergenic resin, chosen for its resistance to damage, glass-like surface, and rich depth of color. The resin is applied as a liquid and seals the electronics of the ring, making the complete unit waterproof and dustproof.

Do not drop your Ring2Pay

Your Ring2Pay can be damaged if dropped onto a hard surface. Also, if sufficient force is applied to it. That may result in surface cracks or damage to the electronic components inside. Please treat your Ring2Pay like a piece of jewelry.

Do not wear it together with other rings

Zirconia ceramic (ZrO2) is extremely hard and scratch resistant however if you wear it next to another ring it can cause dark marks which are very hard to remove. Do not bring it into contact with precious stones or diamond – they will scratch it!

Avoid solvents and scouring agents

Do not use industrial abrasives they can scratch your RIng2Pay. The ring can be safely cleaned with water-based household soaps and detergents.

Avoid electromagnetic fields

Some household electrical goods can generate EM fields strong enough to affect your ring’s payment chip. Avoid leaving your ring near electrical equipment or it may stop working.

Orders usually take 1 working day to process. Once your order has been processed, your items will be shipped the same day or within 48 hours on weekends. Orders will not be dispatched or delivered on weekends and public holidays.

If you have any questions concerning our shipping, please contact our customer support.

No problem if you change your mind. We grant a right of return or exchange within 14 days.

Just put your wearable and delivery note or invoice (you can find it in your LAKS account) into the original envelope and just send it back to:

Sebastianplatz 7/11
AT – 1030 Vienna, AUSTRIA 

After receiving your return, we return your money instantly.

Please refer to our sales and return policy.

LAKS Pay offers a 12-month warranty from the date of purchase. We manufacture our products with great care. However, if service is needed, please open a support ticket here.

LAKS GmbH grants 12 months warranty from the date of purchase. If the purchased goods have defects, we undertake to comply with all applicable warranty provisions.

If you have a complaint regarding obvious defects in material or workmanship of the goods we provide, including any damage incurred during shipment, return the goods to us immediately.


Do you want to impress your date at the check-out? Attention guaranteed with our brand-new LAKS Ring2Pay! Pay contactless with an eye-catching Ring2Pay, created from zirconia ceramic. Your cutting-edge designer ring is scratch-resistant, waterproof and hypoallergenic. What’s best: it never needs charging, so you’ll always be able to pay. Currently available in 7 colors and 6 sizes. 

Impress your date, friends and family with LAKS Ring2Pay!

No charging

Because of its analog technology, LAKS wearables never need charging. They are always ready to pay.

Easier & more hygienic

Always have your money with you without even your smartphone. No need of touching buttons or exchanging cash. Just pay contactless.


Chily - for iCard

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