Laura Alexandra Karolina Scheybal
cmo of LAKS PAY
first-born daughter of the LAKS founder

Lilli Antonia Klara Scheybal
artist, photographer, social media manager of LAKS PAY
second-born daughter of the LAKS founder

Our story

LAKS was founded in 1986 by Lucas Alexander Karl Scheybal in Vienna and is a family-run Austrian company. Lucas started painting and composing music at a very early age. Later he became interested in new technologies and industrial design. He studied economics and invented Watch2Pay, the world’s first NFC (Near Field Communication) watch, certified for contactless payments with Mastercard® in 2006 link. It is exhibited in the British Museum titled as “The First Museum’s Payment Watch” see link here

To this day, Lucas is the designer and innovator of the LAKS brand. He ensures that each LAKS Wearable is developed and designed with passion and perfection. LILLI and LAURA both LAKS branded take wearable vision into a new design area.

LAKS combines creativity with cuttingedge technology and outstanding quality. The LAKS mission is to simplify the life of every customer with Style.


The artist

Mr_LAKS_ohne LAKS sign

The art of Lucas Scheybal was influenced by his stays in Paris and New York. His grandmother gave him a piano tuning key with which he tuned his first piano to play. This event laid a foundation for his musical development. Painting and video composition complement the art that unfolds in the chosen emotional worlds.

He has already passed on all his design and creative knowledge to his children, who have started a new LAKS era together.

Here are some excerpts of his musical work: LAKS.com/video

We have good news for you!

Through the collaborative efforts of LAKS and wearonize, a seamless connection is now achievable between LAKS wearables purchased from www.LAKSPAY.com and your bank card using the LAKS PAY app.

  • When you purchase your wearable on LAKSPAY.com, upon its arrival, you can seamlessly connect it to your bank card and activate it yourself using the intuitive LAKS PAY app, compatible with both Android and iOS platforms.
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When you buy a wearable on LAKS.com, you link it to your bank card online after checkout. We personalise the wearable and send it to you. Once you have your wearable, you activate it with the Manage Mii app.

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When you buy a wearable on LAKSPAY.com, you link your wearable itself to your bank card as soon as you receive it. This works with the LAKS PAY app on your mobile phone. Activation also works via the LAKS PAY app – immediately after linking.

Check out all PARTNER BANKS of LAKSPAY.com link HERE

Important notes

Wearables purchased on LAKS.com cannot be used with the LAKS PAY APP – different payment chip.

Payment technology of wearables from LAKS.com and LAKSPAY.com is the same. The way how the wearable gets connected to the bank card is different.

Raiffeisen Debit Card of Austria, CURVE and VIMpay support both LAKS.com and LAKSPAY.com wearables.

If you see a product on LAKS.com and you have the Bank – buy it as this might not be listed on LAKSPAY.com !

If your bank does not support the wearables from LAKS.com please check all Partner Banks on LAKSPAY.com. Please go to our new Company / Hompage: link here: LAKSPAY.com

There are more than 800 European banks supported by LAKSPAY.com – linke here: PARTNER BANKS LAKSPAY 


Mastercard has been our secure and trusted partner for many years, providing our products with access to its worldwide network.