Laura Alexandra Karolina Scheybal, first-born daughter of the LAKS Founder, holding the Key2Pay Kiss by Klimt in her hands, photographed by her sister Lilli Antonia Klara Scheybal.

About LAKS

LAKS was founded in 1986 by Lucas Alexander Karl Scheybal in Vienna and is a family-run Austrian company.

Lucas started painting and composing music at a very early age. Later he became interested in new technologies and industrial design. He studied economics and invented Watch2Pay, the world’s first NFC (Near Field Communication) watch, certified for contactless payments with Mastercard® in 2006. It is exhibited in the British Museum titled as “The Museum’s Payment Watch”. link

To this day, Lucas is the designer and innovator of the LAKS brand. He ensures that each LAKS Wearable is developed and designed with passion and perfection.

LAKS combines creativity with cuttingedge technology and outstanding quality. The LAKS mission is to simplify the life of every customer with Style. Be hip and have fun with LAKS Pay.

His art was influenced by his stays in Paris and New York. His grandmother gave him a piano tuning key with which he tuned his first piano to play. This event set a cornerstone in his musical development. Video composing and real time performing complement the art unfolding in the chosen emotional worlds.

Each of the compositions were recorded and digitalised in hotels and studios between business meetings.

Here are some excerpts of his musical work:

Our new LAKS Collection 22/23 catalogue is online.