„Sili“ DIGNITY, maroon
„Sili“ DIGNITY, maroon

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„Sili“ DIGNITY, maroon


Sports2Pay – Contactless payment

Sili – your perfect companion in everyday life

The crown as a symbol of dignity and respect – DIGNITY

    • Contactless payment WITHOUT mobile phone and WITHOUT battery
    • Ideal for all sporting activities
    • Waterproof (100 m)
    • Material: silicone with stainless steel buckle – hypoallergenic
    • Air-permeable design guarantees high wearing comfort – no sweating
    • Payment chip is removable and can be exchanged

No more searching for your wallet or mobile phone. Paying with the wristband is much faster than using a credit or debit card or even taking out and unlocking your phone. It’s always right on your wrist, always ready to use.

No charging necessary

Unlike paying with your smartphone or smartwatch, whose battery usually runs out after a day, the wristband never needs charging. So you can always wear it on your wrist and never have to worry about it running out.

NO charger NO smartphone

Colour: Maroon (Pantone 209C)


    How do I pay with my bracelet?

    Bracelet Way to pay

    Hold the bracelet with the side where the payment chip is located to the payment terminal

    Keep your hand steady (not moving) for a few seconds – until the lights on the payment terminal turn green and you hear a beep

    Silicone with stainless steel buckle - hypoallergenic
    Removable and replaceable payment chip - waterproof and unbreakable

    Width 20 mm

    Length 250 mm

    Silicone bracelet with stainless steel buckle

    Waterproof up to 100 m

    Sili is your ideal companion in everyday life and for all sporting activities

    Avoid electromagnetic fields

    Some household electrical appliances can generate EM fields that are strong enough to affect the pay chip of your LAKS wearables. Do not leave your wearable near electrical appliances as it will stop working.

    Do not bend

    Please take care that the payment card in SIM card format is not bent. Bending will damage the integrated chip.

    We grant a right of return or exchange within 14 days. Since every LAKS wearable is personalized with your data we charge € 20 if you want to return it within 14 days.

    LAKS GmbH grants 12 months warranty from the date of purchase. If the purchased goods have defects, we undertake to comply with all applicable warranty provisions. If you have a complaint regarding obvious defects in material or workmanship of the goods we provide, including any damage incurred during shipment, return the goods to us immediately.

    Fast delivery


    Our LAKS Wearables are in stock and will be shipped within 3-5 business days from receipt of order and if necessary after receiving the registration code for personalization.

    Our shipping partners ensure fast and reliable delivery.

    If you cannot find a tracking number in your LAKS account, please contact us by email:  [email protected]