"Lenny" size: 40 mm
"Lenny" size: 40 mm
"Lenny" size: 40 mm
"Lenny" size: 40 mm
"Lenny" size: 40 mm
"Lenny" size: 40 mm
"Lenny" size: 40 mm
"Lenny" size: 40 mm

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“Lenny” size: 40 mm


Watch2Pay TWO – The Slimline Collection

The Slimeline collection was created for women and men who appreciate clear lines and simple design. With its puristic dial, embedded in leather, this watch ensures an elegant and stylish appearance on every wrist. Regardless of whether this is done in everyday outfit or in evening wear. At just 6 mm, this ultra-flat wristwatch is the ideal companion for any occasion. Whether at official events, on the tennis court or in the office – with LAKS PAY you cut a good figure everywhere.

– Watch case: stainless steel, color silver; Diameter 40 mm, height: 6 mm

Watch strap: color blue, width 20 mm; handmade in Germany with vintage leather from Italy, steel buckle. Please note that leather is a natural product and the colors have slight variations. Vintage leather has a natural, antique look.

The practical, contactless payment function (NFC) works completely independently – without batteries, chargers or smartphones.

Fast – Stylish – Convenient

No more searching for a wallet or cell phone

Paying contactless with your watch saves time and is convenient


    Watch2pay TWO

    The Slimeline Collection- the thinnest payment watch in the world

    How do I pay with my Watch2Pay TWO?

    Charm2Pay Payment

    hold the watch to the payment terminal as shown on the picture

    keep your hand steady (do not move!) for a few seconds until you see the 4 green light on the terminal and hear a beep

    watch case: narrow, double-coated stainless steel case

    Dimensions: diameter 40 mm; Height 6 mm

    Waterproof to 3 ATM, dustproof - We recommend not to go swimming or diving. Your watch strap and the payment chip might get damaged.

    Clasp: stainless steel

    watchband: finest Italian Vintageleather, hand made in Germany;

    measurements: 114 mm and 82 mm; width: 20 mm;

    Payment tag in the watch strap - removeable

    Watch strap color:

    Blue: Lenny, Albert, Ken, Sky

    Black: Lee, Arthur, Kyle, Sebastian

    Honeybrown: Lion, Andy, Kim, Samuel

    Gray: Luke, Austin, Kian, Stanley

    Light brown: Laurence, Alex, Kei, Sonny

    DO NOT drop the watch!

    The glass may break if the watch falls on a hard floor. Treat your watch like a piece of jewelry.

    Do not bend it!

    Be careful not to bend the flexible payment chip. Bending and/or kinking will damage the integrated chip.

    Do not wear your watch with other bracelets!

    Stainless steel is hard and scratch resistant, but other bracelets can still cause minor scratches.
    Do not bring in contact with precious stones or diamonds.

    Do not swim!

    Remove the watch before swimming or bathing.
    The leather strap and payment chip may be damaged.
    Short-term contact with water is harmless. Allow the leather strap to dry slowly.

    Avoid solvents and abrasive cleaning agents!

    Do not use industrial abrasives or polishes. The watch and the leather strap can be cleaned with household soap and water-based cleaning agents.

    Avoid electromagnetic fields!

    Some household electrical appliances can generate EM fields strong enough to affect the payment chip in the watch band. Do not leave the watch near electrical appliances or contactless payment will stop working.

    We grant a right of return or exchange within 14 days. Since every LAKS wearable is personalized with your data we charge € 20 if you want to return or exchange it within 14 days.

    LAKS GmbH grants 12 months warranty from the date of purchase. If the purchased goods have defects, we undertake to comply with all applicable warranty provisions. If you have a complaint regarding obvious defects in material or workmanship of the goods we provide, including any damage incurred during shipment, return the goods to us immediately.

    Fast delivery


    Our LAKS Wearables are in stock and will be shipped within 3-5 business days from receipt of order and if necessary after receiving the registration code for personalization.

    Our shipping partners ensure fast and reliable delivery.

    If you cannot find a tracking number in your LAKS account, please contact us by email:  [email protected]