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Connect your LAKS Wearable now with iCard Digital Wallet and enjoy the World of Contactless Payment

Fast, easy, contactless!
LAKS wearables meet all the security requirements of Mastercard.


Watch2Pay TWO

The Thinnest payment Watch in the World !

various colors
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“INFINITY” bracelets
inspired by Leonardo – coming soon…
Watch2Pay TWO
thinnest payment watch in the world
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LAKS PAY offers a large selection of products, there is something for everyone.


Quality and sustainability are important to us. We offer the best price-performance ratio.


Fast and reliable delivery is guaranteed by our shipping partner.

Laura Alexandra Karolina Scheybal – LAKS 2nd Generation



Lucas Scheybal, Managing Director of LAKS is the inventor of Watch2Pay, the world’s first NFC watch certified for contactless payments with mastercard® in 2006 and exhibited in the British Museum since 2010. “The Museums Payment Watch”

Lucas Alexander Karl Scheybal started painting pictures and composing music at a very early age and studied economics.

Since the beginning he discovered his great interest in new technologies and industrial design and as a solution-oriented person, he loves challenges in a development process. LAKS Pay was born.

Each wearable is developed and designed with passion and perfection.

LAKS was founded in 1986 and is managed as a genuine family-run Austrian company. For years LAKS combines creativity with modern trend and quality with innovative technology. LAKS is now more than ever on the pulse of time.

Since the company was founded, LAKS designs and produces new high-tech watches, art, fragrance and fashion watches as well as tailor-made solutions.

Get to know the music of LAKS.




Register iCard Digital Wallet and connect to LAKS Wearable

iCard is a mobile phone application that allows you to store credit and use it for purchases on the Internet and in stores.

iCard is free – no monthly costs and no activation fee.

You can connect any LAKS Wearable to iCard.

The lifetime of your LAKS Wearable is eight years.

Download iCard

iCard is a digital wallet that saves you money and time for the things that matter. Your phone is now all you need to collect loyalty cards, make gifts and arrange payments.
When you add a LAKS Wearable to iCard you can also pay without your phone. iCard really hits the spot helping you keep track of your transactions in real time.
iCard is free – no monthly costs and no activation fee. More information about iCard can be found at:


Note 1: ICARD can be activated in the following countries and can be used worldwide:

Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland,

France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania,

Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Note 2: the minimum age for iCard users is 18 years.

Note 3 The LAKS Pay wearables has a validity of 8 years.


To enjoy all iCard services finish a 5-minute video identification chat.

It is quick and easy. This is how it works:

  1. Take your mobile and make sure that you have enough battery
  2. Sit down in a quiet place where you can be alone
  3. Make sure you have an Internet connection
  4. Have your passport ready to hand 

The video chat with the iCard employee will take about 5 minutes and he will guide you slowly through each step. There are no costs. Then you will receive an E-mail,
answer it by sending a confirmation of your home address. How this works is explained in the E-mail. Your identity is now confirmed.

Add Money

Select „Activity“ and then click „+“ and then select „Add Money“.

Connect your credit card and add money to your account instantly.
After successful identification, you can also add money via bank transfer or Trustly.

iCard Digital Wallet

Activate your NFC Accessories = Activate your LAKS Wearable

The LAKS Wearable appears in the app as a card called „NFC Accessoire“.

You will receive the PIN code by SMS.

We recommend to name the wearable individually and set it in your favorite color.

NFC Accessoires activate in iCard

What is an identification?

According to the KYC guideline (Know Your Customer), iCard is required to carry out a legitimation check on all new customers in order to to prevent money laundering and other illegal activities.
This works via video call and confirmation of your address, which you can do easily from home.

Download iCard and enjoy the benefits

  • Send and receive free money from cell phone to cell phone in real time
  • Notification after each account transaction
  • Total cost overview – every transaction is visible in the iCard Digital Wallet
  • Ideal for managing pocket money and travel expenses
  • Activate LAKS Wearable and pay up to € 25 contactless without PIN. Enter the PIN for higher amounts
  • Lock and unlock LAKS Wearable in the app
  • Secure access to the iCard Digital Wallet via Touch ID, Face ID or code
  • Contactless payments with the LAKS Wearable are powered by Mastercard® and you can pay in millions of stores worldwide

The minimum age for an iCard account is 18 years.

You will find a detailed description of all the advantages and additional services offered by iCard here

Please inform yourself about the general terms and conditions directly on the iCard homepage. www.iCard.com

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