Ski2Pay – Your Mastercard and Ski Pass combined in one card – WOW!
Contactless payments, powered by Mastercard and LAKS Pay
Ski Pass (SKIDATA)

Finally a HYBRID card (2 x chips 2 x antennas) – card that can do both! Your bank card and your ski card

A super cool ski pass that saves you long queues and can be used to pay for snacks in the ski hut!

Where can I pay contactless? Wherever Mastercard© is accepted and the “Contactless” sign is visible on the payment terminal.

Where can I use Ski2Pay as a Ski Pass (SKIDATA)? Worldwide in more than 100+ ski resorts. Top up online in advanced on STARJACK or directly at the ski resort.

Celebrating 35 years of LAKS – Manufacturing 20 years NFC wearables – Issuing 15 years mastercard® payment wearables

Ski2Pay Collection 2022

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