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Why LAKS Wearables?

Largest Wearable collection worldwide

LAKS is a selection of more than 250 wearables for e-payment, ranging from rings to stuffed animals.

Secure like your card

LAKS wearables meet all the security requirements of Mastercard, Maestro and Bancontact. Just activate it once and you are ready to go.

Easier & more hygienic

Always have your money with you without even your smartphone. No need of touching buttons or exchanging cash. Just pay contactless.

No charging

Because of its analog technology, LAKS wearables never need charging. They are always ready to pay.

We care about you

For us, designing high quality products is not enough. With our real-time support we always stay by your side when you need us.


For many years now, Mastercard is our secure and trusted partner that gives our products access to its worldwide network.


35 Years of LAKS innovation
20 Years NFC Wearables
15 Years Mastercard® Payment Wearables

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Und macht so viel Spaß.

So können Sie LAKS Pay als HYPO Salzburg Kunde nutzen*


Wählen Sie auf Ihr Wearable, schließen Sie den Bestellvorgang ab und verknüpfen Sie anschließend bei der Registrierung das Wearable mit Ihrer HYPO Salzburg Debit Mastercard​


Nach dem Bezahlvorgang müssen Sie Ihr Wearable mit Ihrer HYPO Salzburg Debit Mastercard verknüpfen.


Nach der Kartenverbindung individualisieren wir Ihr Wearable und senden es Ihnen zu.


Mit der “Manage Mii App” können Sie Ihre LAKS Wearables verwalten. “Manage Mii” ist unser Partner und die Schnittstelle zu Mastercard und Ihrer HYPO Salzburg Debit Mastercard. Hier können Sie ein neues LAKS Wearable aktivieren oder sperren, falls Sie es verlegt haben. Endgültig löschen kann es allerdings nur Ihr Bankberater.


Laden Sie die “Manage Mii App” aus dem Play- oder AppStore herunter.


Registrieren Sie sich mit den gleichen Benutzerdaten, die Sie auch auf verwendet haben. Wichtig ist, dass Sie dieselbe E-Mail-Adresse wie bei der Kartenverbindung verwenden.


Ihr Wearable ist nun in der “Manage Mii App” ersichtlich und ist bereit zur Aktivierung.


Öffnen Sie Ihre “Manage Mii App”. Sie können nun Ihr Wearable aktivieren.

Dafür wird Ihnen eine SMS mit einem Aktivierungscode an die bei Ihrer Bank hinterlegten Telefonnummer gesendet. Dieser Code ist einmalig 30 Minuten gültig.


Der Bezahlvorgang funktioniert wie mit Ihrer herkömmlichen physischen HYPO Salzburg Debit Mastercard. Sie können mit LAKS Pay Beträge bis zu EUR 50,- ohne Eingabe der Karten-PIN bezahlen.

* Wenn Sie eine HYPO Salzburg Debit Mastercard besitzen können Sie jedes LAKS Wearable damit verbinden. Mindestalter ist 14 Jahre.

FAQs – the most frequently asked questions at a glance

Linkage and activation issues

You can only use the LAKS wearables with your new HYPO Salzburg Debit Mastercard.

This happens when you purchase your wearable. You must first complete the purchase and can then enter your HYPO Salzburg Debit Mastercard card details (card number and expiry date). If you use some browsers or security plugins, the windows for linking your card may not be displayed. Deactivate these plugins or use a different browser. You will receive an e-mail asking you to link your HYPO Salzburg Debit Mastercard. This e-mail contains a link to your order where you can link the card. You will receive a confirmation of your purchase to the email address you entered in the webshop at Check your spam folder if you do not find the email.

Together with your wearable you will receive instructions on how to activate your accessory. As soon as you have linked your HYPO Salzburg Debit Mastercard to your wearable, you will find it in the “Manage Mii App”. Look at the status of your wearable in the “Manage Mii App”. You will see that it says “Activation required”.

You cannot change this afterwards. If you have lost your HYPO Salzburg Debit Mastercard and order a new one, please contact your advisor. He will link the wearable to the new card.

There may be several reasons for this: Only the cardholder of the linked HYPO Salzburg Debit Mastercard can activate the wearable. Have you entered the correct activation code that you received by SMS? Do you have another activation problem? Please contact your bank advisor.

If you have lost a wearable, please contact your bank advisor. Only he or she can completely remove the wearable from your bank account. However, it will then be irretrievably deleted. To reactivate it, it must be sent back to LAKS.

Payment questions

Paying with a wearable works like contactless payment with a payment card at terminals (worldwide) that accept Mastercard. Payments are debited immediately from your paired account.

Paying with your wearable is just as secure as paying with your HYPO Salzburg Debit Mastercard. Furthermore, you can easily deactivate the payment function of your wearable via the “Manage Mii App”.

Yes, this is possible. The spending limit of your wearable corresponds to the limits you have agreed with your HYPO Salzburg Debit Mastercard.

For amounts of EUR 50 or more, you must enter your card PIN.

Yes, log in to the “Manage Mii App” and open the overview of your wearable. Tap on the wearable. You can temporarily deactivate the payment function of your wearable and then reactivate it when you want to pay with it.

By default, you can use your wearable for contactless payments for 3 years from the time it is connected to the bank. However, this depends on your bank.

The payment service is provided by your bank.

When your payment card is linked, a reference to your card is stored. This reference is called a token and is stored by LAKS in the wearable.

Please note, however, that we have no influence on the function of the token and cannot accept any liability for it.

After the three years have expired, you can have your wearable personalised again, provided that the payment service is supported by your bank. To do this, you must return the wearable to us or order a replacement card – depending on which wearable you have. The cost for this is € 20.00 plus shipping costs.

There may be several reasons for this. Therefore, first try to pay again, possibly at another retailer. Another possibility may be that you have reached the limit of EUR 125. To do this, you must make a payment with your debit card by entering your PIN. It is important to hold the wearable at the height of the built-in payment chip against the payment terminal long enough. Pay attention to the correct position in the case of a ring.

If you enter the wrong PIN three times, the linked HYPO Salzburg Debit Mastercard will be blocked. Please contact your customer advisor.

Delete your wearable in the “Manage Mii App” by long pressing on the wearable and then deleting it. Caution: Do this only in case of loss or theft of your wearable. This action cannot be undone. Alternatively, you can also lock the wearable if you think you have misplaced it and could find it again.

Block your HYPO Salzburg Debit Mastercard immediately in “My ELBA” or by calling the blocking hotline. After the blocking, payments with the debit card are no longer possible. You can continue to make payments with your wearable if you do not have it blocked additionally.

Questions about our customer service

For all technical defects on your wearable (a watch that no longer works, a damaged ring or a broken strap), you must contact For returns, we ask you to temporarily deactivate the payment function of your wearable. Once you have done this, you can send the wearable.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, it is best to check the return policy first. As long as your wearable has not been activated, you can return your wearable without hesitation. If you have already activated your wearable, make sure to deactivate it in the “Manage Mii App” before shipping.



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