If you have a CBC Debit Card, you can link it to a LAKS wearable. It’s easy to do so.

  • Simply pick your wearable and pay for it, then enter your name and your debit card’s number and expiry date. Your debit card number is a 17-digit number starting with 6703.
  • The expiry date is on the front side of your card at the bottom right. Once you’ve linked your debit card, LAKS will deliver your wearable to the address you provided with your order.
  • All you need to do then is activate your wearable using CBC Mobile (see the enclosed instructions).
  • Learn more about paying with wearables at cbc.be/wearables.
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It's never been so much fun to pay!
Fast, easy, contactless!
LAKS wearables meet all the security requirements of Maestro and Bancontact.


for CBC customers


LAKS wearables can be used with all CBC debit cards.
Whether private or professional - anyone can use LAKS wearables!

If you have a CBC Debit card, you can link it to any LAKS wearable. You do this after the payment process on the homepage of LAKS.com. As soon as you have linked your card details to your wearable it will be sent to you. After receiving it, take a minute to activate it and your wearable is ready to pay.

In Belgium you can pay up to € 50 without a PIN. For amounts above € 50 you must enter your PIN.

Would you like more information about paying with wearables? Surf to cbc.be/wearables

Buy your LAKS wearable

Link your wearable

Activate your wearable



Buy your LAKS wearable

Choose your LAKS Wearable, put it in the basket and pay for it.


After your purchase, link your debit card to your wearable.
To do so, enter your name, your debit card number (starts with 6703) and the card's expiry date.
The expiry date can be found at the bottom right of the card.

Link your Wearable 

We can only ship your wearable after you have linked it to your debit card.

Your wearable is delivered

The only thing you have to do after receipt is activate your wearable via your Mobile app.
You can find out how to do this in the instructions provided.

Activate your wearable



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Quality and sustainability are important to us. We offer the best price-performance ratio.


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